Friday, June 12, 2009

I Thought I Was A Hockey Fan...

I was just on and saw a promo for game 7 tonight in the NHL finals. I looked at it and surprised myself by saying out loud, "Who cares - it's the Bay Bridge Series tonight." What?

I used to tell people that I was a big hockey fan. If I didn't watch a Shark's game, then I read about it or watched highlights - most often both. And, I kept tabs on what other teams did, especially in the Pacific Division. 

But then the Sharks got eliminated from the playoffs this year and within seconds from the final horn, I was done with hockey for the rest of the season. I have not watched one minute of playoff hockey (except for when I was eating dinner and a friend's house who is a big Penguins fan). But I didn't even find it that interesting or exciting. 

Maybe I am now programmed not to expect my team in the playoffs, like the Warriors, 49ers and A's. But I have loved the NBA playoffs this year; the NFL playoffs are always sweet and baseball is usually interesting enough. I guess perhaps I'm not as much of a hockey fan as I thought. So from now on when asked I will probably have to tweak my responses to, "Oh yeah, I am a die hard Sharks fan. This is their year, man. Stanley Cup or Bust!" I guess this year for me it was bust. 

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