Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bobby Crosby - How He Stacks Up Against 2004 A.L. ROY Candidates

I was reminded the other day that in 2004, Bobby Crosby was the American League Rookie of the Year. After laughing out loud and then realizing that it was actually true, I thought it would be interesting to see who the runners up were in 2004 and how they are doing now compared to B-Cros. So, I created a little chart below in order of the rookie of the year voting in 2004 and the stats as of today, June 30, 2009:

1. Bobby Crosby, Oakland Athletics (current stats: .197 AVG, 3HR, 19RBI)
2. Shingo Takatsu, Chi. Sox (last pitched in the majors in 2005, currently in AAA for SF Giants)
3. Daniel Cabrera, Baltimore Orioles (current stats: 0-5, 5.85 ERA for the Nationals)
4. Zack Greinke, KC Royals (current stats: 10-3, 1.95 ERA)
5. Alexis Rios, Toronto Blue Jays (current stats: .263 AVG, 9HR, 37RBI)
6. David DeJesus, KC Royals (current stats: .242 AVG, 6HR, 34RBI)
7. Ross Gload, Chi Sox (current stats: .288 AVG, 3HR, 12RBI for Florida)
8. David Bush, Toronto Blue Jays (current stats, 3-4, 5.67 ERA)
9. Nate Robertson, Detroit Tigers (current stats, 1.0, 7.71 ERA - currently on 15-day DL)
10. John Buck, KC Royals (current stats, .226 AVG, 3HR, 19RBI)

So...if I were voting for the Rookie of the Year based on the 2004 top 10 AL candidates, here is how I would re-order them: 
1. Zack Grienke
2. Alexis Rios
3. David DeJesus
4. John Buck
5. David Bush
6. Ross Gload
7. Daniel Cabrera
8. Bobby Crosby
9. Nate Robertson
10. Shingo Takatsu

Among the 5 batters, B-Cros is the only one hitting under .200. As the "heir apparent" to Tejada, I wonder if we've already seen him peak for the A's...

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