Monday, June 15, 2009

I Could Be In For A Long Summer

While the summer provides so many great opportunities to get outside and do things, it is not usually the most robust time for sports. Besides baseball, which is usually in full stride, we've got the NBA Draft, some pre-season football and not much else. As an A's fan and NOT a Giants fan, I can see the summer looking even more dreary than usual. 

In seasons past even after the A's have traded away some of their better talent, they have still put on the field an exciting team - young, but exciting. This year had promised even greater things with Giambi back, Holliday, young pitchers, etc. 

After this weekend sweep by the Giants, I am officially ready to lower my enthusiasm and interest in the A's. I mean, geez what is going on? Let me do a quick run-down of batting averages and home runs as of June 15 starting with the new additions...

Orlando Cabrera = 2 HR, .232 AVG
Matt Holliday = 8 HR, .274 AVG
Jason Giambi = 8 HR, .207 AVG
Nomar Garciaparra = 2 HR, .255 AVG

The ONLY player on the team batting over .300 is Adam Kennedy, who was claimed off waivers to replace Mark Ellis, who happened to be hitting .206 when he got hurt. Kennedy is batting .313. 

The ONLY player in double figure home runs is Jack Cust, who never hit more than 4 HR in a season prior to joining the A's  three years ago. 

I also want to point out that Bobby Crosby is hitting .194 which isn't even the worst on the team or the second worst. I did not have crazy high expectations for the A's this year, but they are vastly below and are officially worse than the Giants, which is what I always had to hang my hat on. I guess it's NBA Draft or bust now... when does College Football start again?

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